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Fast facts

- Created June 2016
- Available on Kik, Skype, Facebook Messenger
- More than 30.000 users
- Global Rank: 2 (
- Main Features are Medication/Pill Reminder and Health Tracker (especially Period, Mood and Weight)

About Florence

Florence was created in June 2016, and throughout her development, she has evolved from being a simple symptom checker to become focused on two main features with high demand – health tracking and med & pill reminding. She is named after Florence Nightingale, who was the founder of modern nursing. As a chatbot, she is powered by an intelligent automated messaging system. Her main mission is to support individuals monitoring any chosen health & wellness indicator (such as weight loss, pain level or period cycle) as well as to assist them with adherence, education, and motivation regarding their medication, vitamins or birth control pill regimens. All users have to do is to start chatting with her inside any of the commonly used messaging platforms – Facebook, Skype or Kik.


About David

David Hawig has a master degree in industrial engineering and did work on several research projects about digital healthcare in Germany. Before Florence, he created and launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for a smartphone docking station named andock. He is obsessed with creating and improving new things and believes that Florence has the potential to inspire other people to try something similar, which might improve today’s healthcare system.